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Creates an Affiliate network to sell items for you and get commissions
  • Affiliates place and share your banners and links on their website, blog, social networks, emails…
  • Refer friends via emails, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Affiliate Coupon feature.
  • Run Multi programs with different commission rates, customer groups…
  • Pay affiliates per sales.

Easily manage affiliate accounts

  • Allows registering for affiliate programs.
  • Allows referrals to join in different affiliate programs.
  • Provides banners, script/code to place in referrals’ websites, forum, blog post….
  • Ability to manage transactions related to their affiliate accounts.
  • Ability to manage withdrawals and sales.
Refer Friend feature
  • Able to send affiliate link to friends via email.
  • Allow affiliates to get contacts from Gmail, Yahoo Mail.
  • Affiliates can use social channels (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) to share their links.
Affiliate Coupon feature
Enable to comfortably select which Affiliate programs are adaptable to your store Manage affiliate program
  • Ability to set different single commission/ tier commission rate for each program.
  • Allows running affiliate programs for certain products or categories and stores.
  • Allows setting affiliate program conditions by using rule-based system.
  • Manage referrals that joined the progams.
  • Manage transactions made via referrals in the programs.
  • Better welcome page with affiliate program listing.
  • Allow providing referrals Materials to introduce or explain your Affiliate program.


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